instructor: Dermot Mac Cormack
institution: Tyler School of Art & Architecture
Début is a pop-up movie theater company that brings movies to your backyard. Their monthly pop-up events are held all over the United States. Each event will screen two movies that all share one thing in common. They are all female directorial débuts!
Because they are often an under appreciated group, the goal of this company is to uplift women film makers by introducing them to a wider audience. We want to celebrate their start into the industry as well as foster a community of other movie fanatics. 
The first step in creating début was figuring out it's brand identity. This began with the logo. I wanted something type driven and geometric. The thought behind this company was that it was a small operation with only a few people running it, so I wanted my logo to be something adaptable. I was inspired by punk posters and their stencil fonts. I chose this type because it had the same spunky vibe I wanted for the company. The addition of the period or diamond shape was something that could be brought into the imagery of the brand as well. The colors and branding are very playful and lively.
The basis of this company lives on its Instagram. Here is where all the information about each pop-up will be announced. For each event we have a series of routine posts. The first is the initial announcement. This post introduces the pop-up and gives information about the day as well as a little background on the company. The second post in our system are the film clues. Symbolized by our film camera, these posts provide hints about what two movies are playing and allow our followers a chance to guess them. The third post would be our movie reveals. For this sample event we chose Past Lives and La Pointe Courte. The final post, illustrated by the directors chair icon, is our directorial features. These are slides that give a little bit of background on each of our directors and offer praise for their impact on the film industry.

profile and story announcement

initial announcement

film clues

movie reveals

directorial feature

For the advertising we focused on practical applications and items that could easily and quickly be put up in each new area. The first idea was to have stickers we could post around the location of the event. These all feature slogans that represent the overall ideas of our brand. The goal is that someone sees these and is intrigued enough to scan the QR code, which would bring them to our instagram for more information.
The second form of advertising we decided on are posters. These promote both of the movies, as well as the company itself. They feature two of the brand's symbols, a camera and a film reel. I decided to animate two of the posters for a more interactive experience.
Our brand elements will also be featured through the staging of the event. For our employees we have staff passes with the company logo and icons. To the right are our tickets that will be given to each customer. Food and drinks will also be available for purchase so we have a sample popcorn bag and to go cups.
Inspired by A24's shop, I really wanted début to have some cool merchandise available for our loyal pop-up goers. We have reusable water bottles, clothing items, tote bags, a sticker pack and a dvd for the movie being shown. Each dvd case would always feature artwork done by our company based off the respective movie. 
The movie La Pointe Courte centers around the lives of a couple struggling in their marriage. While they work on their problems they visit the husband's hometown, a small fishing community. Here we also get to see the locals that live there and their personal hardships. For this illustration I really wanted to focus on the rift between these two people but also give a nod to the backdrop of the film. 
The dvd case art also can function in poster form. Here we see it as advertisement for the event. 
company van
company van
ticket booth & merch table
ticket booth & merch table